summer scenes || vacation

I grew up vacationing down the shore in the summers, 
and to this day, a week at the beach feels just the same. 
I come from a family of pretty hardcore beach goers--
we beach it the whole week from 11am-5pm, weather permitting. 
One of my favorite things about being a parent
is being able to share and revisit dearest pastimes with my child. 
And fortunately for us, Logan loves the beach. 

She's content jumping waves, digging in the sand, hunting treasure, paging through a magazine, and just relaxing. This makes for the most pleasant week for everyone.
I was able to start and finish a book myself-- a first in quite some time. 
I didn't take many photos, but that just makes these that much more special. 
I did, however, document a few others on my Instagram.

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