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"It's such a beautiful morning today, huh." 
Those were Logan's first words to me this morning, and she was right. 
It was a beautiful morning in the northeast-- sun shining, blue skies, cool breeze. 

We set out to enjoy the day with Daddy. 

Wednesday is the only day in the week where Sco has nowhere to be, no commitments-- no work, no school, nothing. So on Wednesdays  he's ours for the entire day, and we love it. 

Today we went out to our local orchard. 
We picked peaches and apples. 
We dodged bees and flies, and other garden bugs; but we still managed to bring home the best of the bunch. 

After dinner we ate a peach crisp cobbler topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream. 
^ Recipe to come.

It was delightful. 

See our post from when we went last year here.

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