a month of || 52

^ 33. beach yoga.

^ 34. trying really hard not to smile, and looking so much like daddy doing so.

^ 35. topknots have become the norm, you can see why.

^ 36. little hipster posing in front of the prettiest green in the city.

I'm really trying to get it together with this photo project and this blog; and just documenting in general. We are starting our preschool homeschool back up this week, so I'm hoping a little more of a scheduled day will aid in that. 
I'm really holding on to these moments I have at home with my sweet girl. This time next year she will be starting Kindergarten, and I'm beginning to feel a little pressured in making sure this little pea of mine is ready to greet this big, big world. 

We've been catching up with old friends, making new ones, and just living life as happily as we can. Thats all that truly matters anyway.

Linking up (in bulk) here.
Photos from my Instagram.

Favorites from last week: this pretty, these beauties with a brick wall backdrop, and this sweet catch-up collection.

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