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The past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind around here. With the holidays and me working more days than usual, it's been a bit challenging keeping up with our homeschool activities. In looking back, the first 11 weeks were a breeze, solely because I had the summer to plan out a curriculum. I wish I would have planned further out than 10 weeks. I work better with a schedule. And without having one, I sometimes loose track of if i'm coming or going. A glimpse of that will show in this post-- it's a bit all over the place, but nonetheless, documentation of a perfectly learned mess.
Our letters over these past weeks included S, V, C, and J. In earlier weeks, I have always tried to coordinate our weekly books with our 'Letter of the Week.' I found this an effective way for Logan to become more aware of the letters and their sounds, as I would have her pick them out in the text of the book. I hope to get back to doing this in the upcoming week. Since we are approaching the tail end of our 'Letter of the Week' series, I am going to change the format of our week. I'm thinking of focusing on a particular theme or "project" and then pairing it with an outing.
S is for Snowman
V is for Vulture
C is for Cross
J is for Jellyfish & a journal entry. 
For our kitchen crafts, we've been working on more whole and natural kid friendly recipes. Our favorite thus far is carrot noodles, where we rinse and peel whole raw carrots and boil them in water with a dab of organic coconut oil. We cover them with a red meat sauce and enjoy. We've also experimented with a chocolate banana milkshake recipe, however, we have yet to perfect it. I'll be sure to share once we do. It's just been way too cold for frozen treats.
Logan has recently become an all star writer. We work on writing daily. When she free draws on her own, she will now write random letters on her paper. It is so cute. Usually I will sit down with her and help her write out the letters to create words. We use her journal as a means to sneak in some writing too. I have her pick out a magazine clipping that she finds appealing to glue in her book and then she will write a word to go with it.
Other times she'll draw a picture like this one. She told me this is a picture of a boy in a storm. She then asked me if I knew why it was a boy. I had no clue. But after she told me, it was obvious-- "he has no eyelashes!" Of course! In all of her drawings, gender is distinguishable by the eyes. I kind of love this. 
 This girl is always jazzing things up. Always. My little artist...
Speaking of little artist-- our crafting has slowed down quite a bit over the holidays. So Logan was especially excited in creating this little sheep. It was fun to watch her strategically place each cotton ball in its place. We found this sheep craft here. We read about sheeps and other animals on a farm in preparation for our visit to the farm show. Unfortunately though, we never made it. Next time it comes around, we'll be ready!
Mother Nature must have known our letter of the week was "S" as she sent us heaps of snow. We had no complaints about this. We love venturing out in the winter weather. Our wishes of making the biggest snowman were not granted as the snow was the consistency of powder, poor for packing. But we did have the best time with the cousins running around and throwing snowballs.
We took Lo to the ice rink for the first time. She did great! We had read a few books on weather and did some activities on winter vs. summer activities. Naturally, ice skating fell into the winter category, but that isn't always the case

Logan was very interested in the man-made ice at the rink. She was curious to know that that ice is there year round. We plan to go again and again. We can't wait to go back-- even in the summer time.

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