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^ implementing a yoga-a-day in 2014.
^ if you do nothing else today, check this out for your daily dose of inspiration to create.
^ all of our green is covered in white or gone for the season, so this pretty little green on bright white really stood out to me. Actually, it reminded me to water my indoor plants, and appreciate their beauty.
^ love the organic look and feel of natural wooden toys. As Logan gets older, I  find it more difficult to find wooden age appropriate toys. Suggestions welcomed.
^ love this cute little print. Maybe for logan's room?

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  1. I ADORE THAT PRINT! I love the word lovely. My hubby's fam says it all the time...because English people say "lovely" all the time. I've adopted it into my vernacular too, and the hubby got me a pillow with "LOVELY" embroidered on it for Christmas!! :)

    Cheers to the weekend! xx