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New Year Goals
* Weekly meal planning with meatless mondays.
* Eat clean-- 95% paleo, 5% life.
* Find new ways to keep active.
* Participate in the 52 project again. I am overjoyed with my collection of photos from twenty-thirteen.
* Travel more-- out of the county specifically. Easy enough!
* Read more. I have too many books waiting to be opened.
* Have more date nights. This past year I think Scott and I had maybe three dates with just the two of us. This is not okay, and definitely something that needs  a change. 
* Enhance Lo's preschool homeschool. Starting with more field study outings. 
* Stay better connected with friends. I've already been trying to be better at this, but it definitely is something I need to work on.
* Start a garden (very excited about this, as one is already in the works.)
* Worry less and hope more.
* Buy a bike-- and ride it. Not as easy as it sounds.
* Balance: time, money, life.
* Happy, healthy, and whole living.

I plan to add to this list, and check things off as the year goes on. I welcome the change that the start of a year brings and have hope of sweet, new beginnings, coming our way.

Happy New Year, friends!
What are your goals?

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