f r i d a y / / f i v e

 one // two // three // four // five
^ I have always loved reading inspiring words when transitioning into something new, weather it be a new season, new venture, or simply having to meet new people. This quote right now speaks volumes to be as I gear up to become a kindergarten mom. I don't know how we got here so quickly, but rather then dwelling in that, I am simply going to embrace this new phase of life, with my big girl.

^ Generally we think of  back-to-school as a closing of summer, but summer doesn't officially end until the 23rd of September. I'm thinking that means plenty of time for homemade popsicles, like these Mango Coconut Creamcicles.

^ In place of listing at all of things Logan and I will be missing out on with her in school 6+ hours a day, (sigh...) I'm focusing on the things that we can do and setting some ideas aside of simple DIYs for her and I to do on days off. 

^ I loving little style, and with Logan getting bigger, the little trends are only getting cuter. Looking forward to picking out some fun, simple pieces with her.

^ The end of this month we are going to be heading up north to Maine for a mini getaway. We have been dreaming about delicious New England seafood since we confirmed our dates. Drool.

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