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This whole school life is serious business.
There are so many necessities with too many options.
Where to begin?

Here I have documented a few things that I have either picked up already or am waiting on receiving, or ordering. Anyone is seeking ideas, or inspiration I have provided all of the links above.

When it came to school shopping, I decided to focus of simple, basic staples that would get us through a few years. I generally strive for quality of quantity, and would rather spend a few extra dollars on something durable and timeless over something trending and cheap.

I love love love Logan's new backpack, and am so happy that we decided to purchase it. It had the two most important things I was looking for in a backpack: lightweight and simple. It is easy to store + easy to clean-- couldn't ask for more as far as I'm concerned.

I went with practical and functional while shopping, only buying things that I know we would use as a family and that Logan would need in the classroom. That being said, I didn't buy the "Sorry I'm late, I didn't want to come" t-shirt for back-to-school night, but it is still on my list. ;)

I did buy a new bottle of vitamins to start our school year (as the humidity got to ours over the summer months and we needed fresh ones) and shampoo containing tea tree oil and lavender. The media has me paranoid about pesky hair bugs, so I am complying to all/any precautions recommended. Nature's Gate is usually my go-to brand for organic shampoo, but I am eager to try California Baby. I bought this brand out of convince. Target always.

A while back I ordered Logan Converse sneakers in a fun cheetah print that would essentially go with whatever she would wear. We pulled them out of the closet today and to our surprise they fit. We started our morning with a lot of excitement, it was really sweet.

I definitely was most stressing the art of packing a lunch in sending my girl off to school for a 6+ hour day. I did not want to send her to school with a sandwich every.single.day and was feeling stressed out about limited options. I discovered the Yumbox and instantly knew it would be exactly what I would need for my veggies and dip, pasta salad, waffle and syrup loving variety girl. I love that it seals the food compartments individually. I no longer stress the nut mix turning into a yogurt nut mix, and other messes. Yumbox is a really brilliant design and one I am happy to have discovered. We are excited for ours to arrive. Until then, we are using a few different containers. Effective, but tricky, and a lot of wash. I also like that Yumbox is all one piece. So many pros.

An umbrella was probably in the top five on my back-to-school list. Logan will be a car rider to and from school, and on rainy afternoons while she waits for her ride home (outside of the school) an umbrella will come in handy.

Logan's school does a staggered entry for kindergarten where they wean the students into the rhythm of school with a few days long  process. Lo has been eager and ready since day one and was less than thrilled with all the staggering, just wanting "real school" to begin. She has really adjusted well. She  comes home humming tunes, reciting facts, and telling me about another new friend. I couldn't be any happier with her transition. Having never attended any sort of formal school, I was a bit unsure about how things would go over. I should never have doubted her though, she's pretty exceptional and easy going with everything she does. School the same.

Proud mom moment.

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