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One letter to go then we have completed the alphabet letter art.
World Wildlife day presented a good time to talk about animals and how special they really are. Logan is finally starting to truly become interested in animals. I especially love when she comes to me with questions, and even more so, when I overhear her telling someone something she recently learned about a specific animal. Her brain and capacity for stored information astound me.
Typically we pull out the paint for our little animal crafts (found here) but I decided to keep it low maintenance so we stuck to colored pencils and markers.
These print outs still serve as an education activity to keep us on task. It reinforces letter recognition and provides opportunities to talk about things that we normally may have not.
Manners are very important to us. I enjoy working on activities that strengthen concepts and ideals on being polite and considerate. Coming from a large family, there are always parties happening, so I found this activity in particular really useful.
Logan pulled this sheet out on her own one day. She likes to trace. When we work together on tracing the outcome is much neater. When writing, coloring, tracing, cutting, etc... she works best with verbal reminders to take her time. That's kids in general though. 
I try to include her in the kitchen when I can. We made roasted cauliflower the other day and she helped with dumping in the ingredients, mixing it all together, and putting them on the tray before I put them in the oven. She later helped with the eating. This little girl has excellent taste!
We haven't been journaling as regularly as I would like to but enough that it's beneficial and she gets to be creative in picking and choosing what she puts in it. Here are two entries from the past weeks that I thought were pretty cute.
Logan plays soccer for our township twice a week. She enjoys going and is such a little social bird while she's there. She has already gained so much more from this experience than we have expected. Her last year soccer playing was a joke (and a bit of a disaster) so we definitely had some reservations in signing her up again. But we are overjoyed with the outcome.

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