a trip to the emergency room

We had to take Logan to the ER last week for an x-ray. She was complaining of pain in her arm after a short fall. Knowing that it couldn't possibly have been injured from such a short gentle fall, I was reluctant to take her to get it checked. As the night went on and into the next morning, she was miserable because of it and not using that arm at all. The morning after, we didn't mention the arm once, but as we were getting dressed she began to complain. We left the house as planned and headed out to the field for Soccer Pictures. She still wasn't using the arm and was still complaining, so off we went to take her to the emergency room for her very first x-ray. She was such a gem while we waited. Of course right as we arrived, so did a stroke patient and a cardiac arrest patient, so our wait was extra long. But Lo was so, soo patient-- more so than I. The nurses spoiled her with stickers, juice, and crayons and coloring pages. Her x-ray came back negative for a fracture. That was all I needed to hear. Logan too it seemed. As the day went on she began to use her arm more and more. We even brought her to soccer the next day. As much as an annoyance it was to sit there and wait I'm glad we brought her and that all is well. Logan enjoyed being in the hospital and seeing how things work. She is so into anything medically related. Got an injury? She has to see it! If she spots someone with a cast, on crutches-- or with a band-aid even, she is so curious and full of questions. So a hospital is this girls people watching dream come true. And she is our dream come true-- our healthy, curious, and injury free dream come true.

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  1. I'm so sorry you had to go to the ER but so thankful that it wasn't anything serious!