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As Logan grows, I am always trying to find ways to enhance her sensory play. I typically design the bins for a more unstructured play and find myself mostly pulling them out as a means to keep my girl occupied so I can get dinner started or send emails without distraction. But other times, I like sitting with her and using the time for new learning experiences. We've changed our sensory bin themes numerous times since she was a baby usually using the same tub and switching them out. (You can see some of our favorites here, here, and here.) To keep costs low, and distraction at a minimal, I opted for a smaller bin. The size is about 13x9. It was a dollar store find and came with the lid. The frogs we picked up there too. All of the other items were from Michale's Craft Store, including the rocks. I always try to throw in some form of real life texture. For that we go to our nature box-- Lo picked the pieces of drift wood which tied into the theme perfectly. I've used this bin in our habitat lessons. We will add in other things as we expand our lesson-- but right now, it's perfect.

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