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--  "Wow! That's impressive..." Her reaction to a video where a woman was bouncing a soccer ball off her knees and head.

-- After telling her a movie was not appropriate for little kids, and that we wouldn't be watching it... in the cutest most confident voice, Lo responds: "I'm a bigger kid, I'm FOUR, are you kidding me?!"

-- "Ahh, damn commercials, right? Right mom, those damn commercials."

-- "Buzz Light-ner" So cute, I can't bring myself to correct her that it's actually Buzz Lightyear.

-- "Maybe you're right, mom." 

-- "Three things I'm scared of: frogs, trolls, and foxes."

-- "Kindergarten!! I'm going to go to that soon. They won't let you in kindergarten until you are older. Like 5."

-- "It was great we went to this movie today. Thanks, mom." In the movie theater after it had ended. Usually after a movie she'll say: "That was cute, right?" She may have got that one from me.

-- One night before bed, Logan told me that she wants to get a Hello Kitty doctor medical center like the Doc McStuffins one she had received earlier in the day as a birthday present from Grammy and Pop. After telling her how silly and unnecessary that would be to have two of them, I reminded her that there are children in this world who don't even have one medical set, or any toys for that matter, and that she shouldn't be greedy; instead be grateful for what she does have. Her response was beautiful, and melted my mama heart. "I understand I have a lot of toys. Soooo we can look through mine and give them to other kids in the planet. Maybe tomorrow?"

-- "That's an honor." Said to one doll by the other.

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