nature in the home

Since before Lo could walk, she has always been our little nature girl. Yes, she was conditioned by her mama and daddy, but nonetheless, she didn't mind it one bit. Except for that short period where she was completely freaked out by grass, and it touching her skin [which provided for excellent entertainment for cousins and uncles...my poor girl!] But aside from that, Lo has always loved all things nature: flowers, dirt, twigs/branches/sticks, rocks, leaves, and grass [eventually.] Some of my favorite photos of her involve her being one with nature. I will have to find them and post, because they are just too cute to not share/document. With all that being said, we really try to implement simple and natural play things for her-- so you can imagine my excitement when I came across these actual legit branch colored pencils in our local Home Goods. They arrived courtesy of the Easter Bunny, and have been a hit ever since. Everyone that sees them just has to try them out. The best and worst part about them is their actual realness. Dirt crumbs are inevitable with use, but we don't mind that real feel.

Linking up [ for the first time] with Lou from little green shed and her nature in the home series.


  1. Oh what wonderful crayons and a delightful spin on the usual bunches of flowers. Thank you for joining in and so I can discover your blog. Lou x

    1. exactly what i was going for! thank you for hosting :]

  2. I'm heading to homegoods this weekend! Definitely going to look for these! Love your blog!

    PS - In a couple weeks, I'll be doing another giveaway! This time for a new blog design by my personal designer! Stay tuned if you're interested!

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