simple healthy kid eats pt. 2

^ Apple slices, pickles, pistachios, organic yogurt, and cherry tomatoes.

^ Sharp cheddar cheese sticks, apple slices, carrots, blue corn chips, and verde salsa.

^ Mini pancakes with syrup, child chopped fruit salad, ice water, and mama's morning coffee :)

^ A Valentine's day treat: heart shaped pancakes topped with powered sugar. A handmade card, and fresh flowers.

Ice cream scooped watermelon.

^ Pancakes topped with blueberries and whipped cream.

^ Pulled pork, asparagus, shell noodled, and peas.

^ Cantaloupe, whole wheat waffle minis, and organic yogurt.

^ Grapes, apple slices, organic yogurt, french fries with ketchup.

^ Chipotle quesadilla leftovers, asparagus, and watermelon.

Life in the kitchen lately includes introducing new foods to the most open-minded baby I've ever come across and a seven year old who suddenly refers to foods as "bitter" and "gritty" and complains about specific "textures." She's testing us and that's okay. Hey, if we could, we would eat all the junk all the time too.  And also, it's developmentally appropriate-- kids will test limits and see what they can get away with. I can't blame her for trying. We're standing firm with the healthy foods first though, and continuing to switch it up with new and old favorites. But some days we do fries, because well, we're human, and also, fries are delicious.

It's been a while since I shared these here. See pt. 1 HERE.

I intend to include some of Adler's eats soon. He literally is the BEST eater there ever was. And I find that this time around with Baby #2, I'm introducing him to so much more than I did with Logan.

If baby eats are your type of thing, stay tunned!

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