spring: blooms, a growing girl, mindful appreciation

Pennsylvania is so pretty this time of year. Little clusters of color among the fresh bright green that each year, seem to appear over night, always catch my eye. Spring often feels like an eternity waiting for it's arrival, and then once it's here; it's passes by at rapid speed. I myself have been working towards being more mindful this spring, and in doing so, to instill in Logan an appreciation of the beauty found in each season. We live in a region where we get to live through all four seasons and each season is marked by different beauty. Through the longest and darkest of winters; my wish if for her to forever feel an appreciation. Each year as my girl grows I seek out ways to preserve her beauty, strength, and confidence. And each time, I am lead by nature. From a single snowflake that lands on the tip of her nose as she walks to her car after a night class, to the hot summer sun beating down on her legs as she lays out with a new book-- to always know that much like people, nature comes in many ways for us to enjoy. 

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