summer. everyday. simple.

This summer is flying by and I cannot believe in less than one month, this girl of mine will be starting Kindergarten. We have been cramming as much as we possibly can into these long summer days: swimming, exploring, playing, and just being in the moment, together. We've been loving on each other and loving on the beach, our favorite summer spot (our favorite spot in general really.)

Bathing suits are a summer staple as we spend just about everyday in them. 
Logan has about 10 bathing suits and she makes sure that she wears them all. 

We try our best to eat healthy throughout the week, but divulge in daily ice treats. Dirty feet are mandatory and formal bed times are non-existent. While we all know routine and structure is just around the corner, we're putting that out of our minds and enjoying August and all it has left to offer. 

This summer has been so sweet to us with warm sunny days and cool calm nights. We've had just enough rain to refill the pool just as it begins gets low, and to water the garden for squash and tomatoes to grow. We've picked the fuzziest peaches and ate the most delicious melons. We visited theme parks, boardwalks, and many different pools and beaches. We are filled to the brim with special memories from our summer, but my favorite are the ones where we stayed home; swimming, sharing lattes, rearranging the dollhouse, and paging through random magazines. 

Life is so much happier when you choose to find beauty in the every day, and eventually I have found, that you don't need to try anymore, it just happens.

Hope you are enjoying your summer. 
August is my favorite. 
Sun shining, children splashing, the freshest of fruits, sandy toes, messy buns, and so much more.
Happiness everywhere you look.

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