how we do winter | | snow day-- not bragging

Hat: check!
Scarf: check!
Gloves: check!
Warm coat: check!
Snow boots: check!
Snow pants: errrr . . . 

I have yet to get Lo snow pants, thus leaving her sheltered from what a real snow day entails-- things like making snow angels, going sledding, and dodging snow balls. 

Lo's snow play right now is pretty non-existent. When we go outside she brushes the snow off of things, manages to get snow all over her head, throws a snowball or two, says she's bored and then we go back in. And I feel awful because, I feel like snow days were the best days growing up, and my poor girl is missing out! 

With all the snow we've had this winter, I didn't really mind not going out until today when it was actually not below freezing and we could go outside without turning blue.

Sooo tonight, we hope to find a pair. And with that, I hope that the next snow day I document, we are sledding, making snow angels, and really enjoying the snow.

Fingers crossed! Last week at target, I noticed they were starting to bring out the swim suits!