to the beach--

Today we took our first [bathing suit] beach trip of the season. The day was perfect. It was a notacloudinthesky kind of day, and we soaked up every bit of it. Just when we got too hot, a chilled breeze came rolling in with the waves and cooled us down. 

We ate pizza, spent hours on the sand, got our toes [barely] wet-- freeeeezing was the water, rode the merry-go-round, and came home with sun kissed cheeks.

Logan and Daddy were the cutest pair, while they searched for "treasure" [Lo's most favorite thing to do. Ever.]

Tomorrow, Scott starts a new job, so this was his official last opportunity for any impromptu weekday adventures. We are bummed, but excited about the new opportunity.

Happy June!


  1. Beach days are always great days!!! Good look with his new job.

  2. Looks like a blast, the beach is always so fun especially for the first time of the year! I love her suit :)