beautiful days were made for this

Today we ventured out to spend some time outdoors. It was a gorgeous day. Not a cloud in the sky, cool breeze type of day. 

We went out in search of a park we haven't visited before, and ended up a few towns over at Washington Crossing Historical Park. This spot is said to be the location where Washington and his men crossed the Delaware River in 1776. 

This "park" was not a park by any definition as far as Lo was concerned, but she has the best time. This little spot was full of beauty, and the weather just enhanced it. As you can see Lo loved bouncing from door to door of these little old cottage homes like it was Halloween night. She also had a ball stomping around in the visitor center. Thankfully they are kid friendly. 

Scott and I decided that just him and I are going to go back one day [soon] and take part in the guided tours. We both are History fans and this spot is so close we really would be depriving ourselves by not returning. Plus, we are way over due or a day date, any date actually!


  1. She is adorable. Found you via Style Elixir. I know what you mean about dates never happening!

  2. These pictures are you beautiful! You can tell justb ylooking at them that it was a beautiful day!

  3. Oh I kust love this compilation. Perfect! xo

  4. Looks like a beautiful time spent together as a family. I love your daughter's outfit, so cute and sporty at the same time. Sometimes I enjoy parks that aren't playgrounds, it's a nice diversion from the same old, same old. And I find that the kids enjoy the change too!

    1. it truly was such a nice time. thank you for the compliments! :]