santa christmas card craft

This simple Santa card craft is easy to make and requires very little as far as energy and supplies go.

Cardstock-- any kind of paper will do
Googley eyes-- can be substituted with drawn on ones
Fuzzy ball-- also can be substituted with drawn on ones
And lastly, the best and most crowd pleasing part: very basic cutting and gluing skills

But my favorite part of this whole project was the sweet chubby little helper hands. Gluing is his favorite and sometimes he gets a little (or a lot, actually) carried away, but with this; he was so very into the fact that we were making these for friends and he took that very seriously.

We opted for different shades of pinks and reds with our Santa suits this year. In prior years we've done all red, which I loved (see here) but I thought we'd switch it up a bit this year. 

And I'm happy we did!


sweet, sweet, summer time

This summer was soooo good to us--beach trips and pizza and summer camp and the fair and fish won and endless pool days and days spent in the backyard and friendship bracelets and bubbles and playdates and staying up past bedtime and messy hair and sun-kissed skin and naps on the couch and fresh fruit picking and sweet treats and lattes (hot and cold) and sunsets and and and....


adler turns three

Our sweet Addy boy turned three on the third, his golden birthday.
He's been golden since the day he was born.
We literally couldn't love him more.


philadelphia || christmas village at love park

Christmas Village at Love Park in Philadelphia-- quite possibly our favorite December event to date and definitely a new yearly tradition. Logan wanted nothing more than to ice skate in the city this year. She was watching a Hallmark movie when she saw people ice skating outdoors and it just stuck out to her as one of those things you see in the movies-- until we told her that it's something that she too could do. From that point on, she wanted nothing more than to live out her Christmas Hallmark Movie dream, so we made it happen. We drove into the city for some iceskating, shopping, and all the festive activities.  Our little Candace Cameron Bure was in her glory.  We all were really! We ate warm raclette cheese sandwiches and saw Santa. We bought the biggest bag of cotton candy we ever saw from a small candy shop. We danced to christmas tunes, Adler leading the show, and we picked the perfect set of nesting dolls from the most beautiful collection I ever did see. We rode a carousel that sat smack dab in the middle of towering buildings. Adler ate a pretzel bigger than his head and was so content and happy being in the city. It was a fulfilling day all around. Smiles for all. Sights. Sounds. Smells. Chill vibe amid the hustle and bustle. Just a wonderful experience. One of those days where as parents, you just feel like, yeah, we're doing it right. If you are looking for something to do in Philly around Christmas time-- we totally recommend going to Christmas Village and Dilworth Park. We can't wait to go back in December.