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Lunch is my love language. It has been since becoming mama to my first baby. I always loved exploring new creative ways to implement yummy, whole, natural foods in to her diet. This seems a lot easier when she was a baby, and the only food she knew was what we had at home. As she grew older she became exposed to different foods: school lunches, birthday parties, carnivals and fairs. I find it just as important now in keeping her interested and aware of healthy, whole + natural super foods. You can see a few lunches from over the years here and here, and some baby food inspo. here.

See bars HERE.

So when I was offered to partner up with an organic brand with similar values, I couldn't turn it down. Let me just start off by saying that bar snacks are our jam. I love the little punch it gives just when you need it. A lot of them though refilled with too much unnecessary added sugar. Happy Kids fruit bars have no added sugar. No added sugar.  So I immediately knew that they would be perfect for us to try out. 

And boy are we happy we did! After her first bite, Logan exclaimed that we should buy more and try other flavors-- which we surely obliged! Logan loves the taste and has packed them in her lunch and snack a few times already since buying them. We bought ours from Walmart online, but you can also get them at Babies R Us and Amazon. 

These bars have also become a staple snack that we'll keep stocked for after school, before dance, soccer practice, play dates, etc. In fact we used them this week for a play date and there were a hit! The kids could eat them met free while finishing their painting masterpieces. :) 

Learn more about Happy Family Brands Kids Bars here.

Click here to buy your own.

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